5.2. Driver Protests

In order to avoid superfluous protests, drivers will be limited to a maximum of TWO protests for the course of the season.
Any additional protests, or protests that do not follow the procedure below will be ignored, and if there is harassment to series organisers and / or race stewards for failing to follow procedures correctly, then a driver may be investigated for a ‘Fair competition’ penalty, which may cause a driver to receive penalty points.

ALL driver protests MUST be received within 30 minutes of the checkered flag of the second race in a race meeting. This applies to protests from bot race 1 and 2 in a race meeting, held on the same day.

ALL driver protests MUST submit their protests in full, by completing the web based form at https://racespot.wtf/hyundai.
This form will require you to complete your own driver details, provide a short summary of the reason for protest, and attach a replay file of the incident from your in car perspective. Note, multiple incidents in one race can be filed as one protest, but a replay file for each incident is required, and should be zipped up for upload.
Just trying to upload the whole race replay will not be accepted.

Race stewards will meet in the days following a race event to review any protests.
Protests will be detailed in the stewards report under three different categories:

  • No grounds for protest. Here, the driver has submitted a protest that can not or does not need to be
    investigated. Therefore, no deliberation as to the merits of the protest has taken place.
  • Unsuccessful protest. Here, the protest has been reviewed, however the stewards have determined there
    is no evidence to change the race result.
  • Successful protest. Here, a protest has been reviewed by the stewards, and deemed to have merit. In this
    case, the stewards will then determine if a penalty is needed, and apply appropriately.

In the event that a driver succeeds in their protest, they will not be charged with one of their two protests for the season. In short, they will still have two protest opportunities logged under their name

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