3.2. Prizes

The prizes for the drivers and country championships are listed below.
Note, for any prize involving travel, drivers themselves are responsible for obtaining any visas, and having an in-date passport, with at least 6 months validity at the point of the prize travel being taken.
The series administrators are not responsible for failure to attend the travel based prize for failing to obtain a visa, or being unable to travel / enter the country of destination.
Note that transit countries may too have their own requirements for transit.

In the event of a driver’s disqualification from the championship, they will be unable to claim any prize money they may have otherwise been entitled to.

If, in the event of a prize being transferred to a driver who then later has been found to have participated in an action which then subsequently attracts a disqualification, the driver MUST return any and all prizes to the organiser.

If a driver in a prize paying position is disqualified, they are to be removed from the standings entirely and all drivers below them in the standings are to be “moved up” one position and the prizes re-distributed if required.

Drivers’ Championship

PositionPrize (USD)
1st Place$10,000 + 2 tickets for an all-inclusive trip to see the FIA WRC,
including Hospitality Experience (First Class) and travel fare
2nd Place$5,000
3rd Place$3,000

Country Championship

PositionPrize (USD)
1st Place$2,000 split amongst the drivers from the winning country

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