1.3. Registration Procedures

The period of registration for the series is between the 24th January 2022 and 14th February 2022.

By registering and participating in the Hyundai N e-Festival Global League, participating drivers agree and consent to the use and reproduction by or on behalf of Hyundai N e-Festival league of their name, voice, still and moving (including photographic) images, brand, and/or comments relating to the Hyundai N e-Festival Global League without limitation for such promotional, merchandising, marketing and publicity purposes of Hyundai N e-Festival Global League in any and all media worldwide without notice to them and without any fee being paid to them.

Qualification for the series will be decided using a “Time Attack” format on iRacing, which will be used to determine the rankings for the top rated drivers for the eligible countries as dictated in section 1.2 of this document. The format for this Time Attack are standard to iRacing Time attacks, and more information about these can be found on the iRacing website.

Participants in the Time Attack will be able to view their position on the leaderboard by visiting www.hyundainefestival.com. Note, that this includes ALL drivers, and not necessarily those who have registered to the series the Hyundai N e-Festival Global League mini website.

Drivers who are invited to compete in the series will be required complete all scheduled races or risk disqualification from the series.

A driver can be granted an exception to rule 1.3.4 if they prove to the series organisers that they cannot compete because of a reason in one or more of the following categories.
Bereavement or Family Emergency (e.g a friend or family member has died).
Health issue which prevents the participant from racing.
Technical issue beyond the participant’s control (e.g Internet outage).
Force majeure.

The series organisers reserve the right to ask the participant to provide details to prove their situation falls under one of the above categories.

The series organisers will use their discretion in the enforcement of rule 1.3.4, taking into account statements by the driver, however the series organisers’ decision on this matter, when made, is final.

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