4.1. Driving Standards & Expectations

4.1. Driving Standards & Expectations

As a reminder, this rulebook is to be read alongside the iRacing Sporting Code.
The iRacing Sporting code is designed for multiple series and styles of racing, and therefore is more generic than what this rulebook provides.
In addition, in order to facilitate the smooth running of the championship, there may be times when there is contradiction between the iRacing sporting code and this rulebook. Where this occurs, this rulebook takes precedence.

Some of the rules, standards and expectations this rulebook will differ from what participants have experienced previously on iRacing.
These have been created because of the fact that whilst this is a Sim Race, the broadcast and overall presentation of the event are of utmost performance, and we want to display as professional and ‘real’ event as possible.
Therefore, some things which are taken for granted on iRacing.

Note, this section is NOT EXHAUSTIVE.
Race Stewards, Series Administrators, or other parties may add additional rules for specific events / the series at any time, based on the need for further clarification of specific guidelines, or to ensure fair competition throughout the course of the series.
Therefore, drivers and teams are reminded to read any and all race briefings provided.

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