1.1. Introduction

This rulebook has been created by RaceSpot Live Events LTD, under instruction by AUTOMANIX, for use in the Hyundai N e-Festival Global League (“the series”).

This rulebook is to be read alongside the following documents:

  • iRacing Sporting Code
  • iRacing Paint Policy
  • iRacing Terms of Use and End User License Agreement
  • iRacing.com Motorsport Simulations, LLC Privacy Policy
  • iRacing Online Competitions and Contests, Official Contest Rules
  • 2022 KARA DMS Guidelines (Link to be updated at a later version)

There may be times when this contradicts iRacing’s Sporting Code and supplementary documentation. In these instances, this rulebook takes precedent over any other documents.

It is the responsibility for all team members / associated parties to fully read this rulebook and other documents listed above. Ignorance to any of the rules listed is not a valid excuse for
violating, and by participating all are deemed to have fully read and understood both this rulebook, and any supplementary documents.

Changes to this rulebook, or specific rules for certain tracks / rounds of competition will be communicated to drivers via the series Discord channel, and in drivers briefings before each round.
Drivers are required to follow any instructions provided to them in these cases

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