2.1. Pre-Qualifying / Time Attack

Pre-Qualifying will take place between the 24th January 2022 and 14th February 2022.
The server settings will be as below:

Duration24th January 2022 00:00 UTC to 14th February 2022 00:00 UTC
CarHyundai Elantra N TC
Setup TypeOpen
CircuitBrands Hatch Circuit – Grand Prix
Track ConditionsNo marbles / track build up (Fresh state)
WeatherSky: Partly Cloudy; Temperature: 18℃ / 6
5℉; Wind Speed : 1mph; Humidity 0%
Time of DayAfternoon

The top 2 drivers from each country at the conclusion of pre-qualifying will be invited to compete in the Hyundai N e-Festival Global League 2022.
In the event that a driver declines / is unable to participate in the series, then drivers will be invited by virtue of their ranking for each respective country.

Drivers towards the top of the rankings for each respective country, but not those who do not automatically qualify one of the country’s pair of drivers, must regardless attempt to keep themselves available for any given race day in case 1 or both of the driver pairing for that country cannot or will not compete.
These drivers will be contacted via email / discord should their services as a “reserve driver” be required.

A further 4 drivers will be invited by Hyundai, making a total of 30 drivers.
These 4 “host invited” drivers are illegible to score country points.
This is described in the POINTS AND CHAMPIONSHIP STRUCTURES section of this rulebook.

Drivers are reminded that if they accept the series invitation, they are committed to race for the entire season as per rule 1.3.4.

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