2.4. Lucky Dip Stipulations

The second race in each event will feature a ‘Lucky Dip’ stipulation.
These will be voted upon from an option of three by members of the Hyundai and Sim Racing Esports community on social media in the week leading up to the event, and the result declared in the drivers’ briefing for each event.
Drivers are permitted and encouraged to share said polls with their own friends and communities, and are permitted to encourage voting for a particular option, if a driver feels that this would either give them a competitive advantage, or provide a disadvantage to another driver.

The options for the Lucky dip include:

  • Closed ‘Superpole’ qualifying, where drivers will have one opportunity to set a timed lap in qualifying.
  • Rolling start, in place of a standing start.
  • Night Race (Where it is possible and practical to race at night).
  • Mandatory pitstop (Minimum 1 tyre change)
  • Mandatory drive through pit lane (No pitstop required).
  • Weight penalty for all drivers
  • Points for fastest lap
  • Points for pole position
  • Other lucky dip options may be provided by Hyundai, RaceSpot Live Events, or other partners to the series.

Voting shall take place via the hyundainefestival.com website and select social media.
Voting shall take place over a 1 week period, and the results shall be announced to drivers in the drivers briefing before each race event.
Drivers are encouraged to share any voting links provided, and are also encouraged to suggest preferred option for their fans to vote for.

Once a lucky dip option has been chosen, it cannot be selected again for a vote at any point during the series.

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