2022 WTCR

The WTCR – FIA World Touring Car Cup is the pinnacle of touring car racing, featuring some of the best ‘tin-top’ racers in the business competing against each other using equally balanced cars complying with the popular TCR format. Drivers compete in turbocharged TCR cars from such marques as Audi, CUPRA, Honda, Hyundai and Lynk & Co. Balance of Performance and spec Goodyear tyres provide a level playing field, with power capped at 360bhp and speeds reaching 260kph.


FIA Grade 2
FIA Grade 1
FIA Grade 3

KOrea FIA Circuit

The Hyundai N e-Festival Global League.

A series in which 30 competitors from across
the globe compete on the newly-released
Hyundai Elantra N TC, to win within a prize pool of around $40,000.

Jan 24th 00:00 UTC – Feb 14th 00:00 UTC

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