5.1. Steward and Incident Reviews

Due to the nature of the series, the short race length, and the fact that there are two races in a confined time frame, it has been determined that the majority of incident reviews shall be instigated by race stewards.
The series will utilise live race stewards, who will work to review incidents throughout the series, and issue penalties where needed and appropriate.
Incidents may be reviewed at any point during an event, including practice and qualifying

Stewards will review incidents into two categories:
A. Incidents that can result in an in race penalty
B. Incidents that can result in a post race / season based penalty.

Drivers will be made aware which category their incident shall be reviewed under at the point of an investigation starting, however, as a general rule:

  • Incidents which take place during practice and qualifying will be reviewed ‘in race’.
  • Where it is possible to review incidents from the start of a race, these will be reviewed ‘in race’
  • Where the stewards believe that there was clear malicious contact, they may expedite a review to take
    place ‘in race’. This includes where there is a risk that additional malicious contact may occur.
  • All other incidents will be reviewed post race, unless sufficient capacity exists to complete in race, without
    prejudicing the review of other, similar incidents.

In any case, unless expedited, incidents will be reviewed in the order that they are recognised by race stewards, and penalties will be applied in this order, if necessary.
In short, an incident on lap 2 of a race will have it’s penalty issued before an incident on lap 3 of the race, EVEN IF the latter incident is easier to make a determination on.
For these reasons, there may be times when a number of penalties are handed out by race stewards in quick succession.

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