3.1. Points

Points will be awarded to each driver according to their position in the final standings for each race, as published by Race Control.

The points structure will be as follows


Points scored from any “lucky dip” rewards (fastest lap points, pole position points, etc. will be considered “bonus points”).

Drivers will be ranked in the “Drivers’ Championship”, according to how many points they have scored as an individual.

Drivers will also score points for their registered country and countries will be ranked in the “Country Championship”.

Drivers invited by Hyundai will not be able to score points towards the Country Championship.
They can however score points in the Drivers’ Championship.

Drivers who are disqualified from a race score 0 points for that race for both the Driver’s and Country Championship. They are excluded from the race results.

All drivers who finish below a driver who has been excluded from the race results will move up one position and be entitled to the points for that new position.

Drivers who are disqualified from the season, or are removed or withdraw from the series for any other reason, will have their Driver’s points total set to 0, however their Country Championship points from all races they finished without disqualification will be preserved.

Drivers who are brought in as a “reserve driver” can score points for their country in the Country Championship.
They will also be entered as a new driver in the Driver’s Championship.
They are not able to score points in the name of the driver they are replacing nor do they inherit the points that have been scored by the driver they are replacing.

In the event of a tie for any position in the standing, the following tiebreaker rules will be applied.
Here “driver” also applies to “country” for the Country Championship:

  • The driver with the most 1st place finishes wins the tiebreaker.
  • If still tied, the driver with the most 2nd place finishes wins the tiebreaker.
  • If still tied, the driver with the most 3rd place finishes wins the tiebreaker.
  • The process above is continued all the way to the most 29th place finishes.
  • If the drivers are still tied, the driver who finished higher in the final race wins the tiebreaker.

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