4.5. Full Course Caution / Safety Car

In the event of a full course caution/safety car – which is used for emergency procedures or the track is blocked, the field will be “frozen” (no one will be able to gain or lose positions and must obey the instructions on screen.
No overtaking is permitted on track unless iRacing directs you to or directed by Race Control.
The pit lane will be closed for the first lap of the full course caution.
The leader will be picked up by the safety car. After a few laps, the race will be restarted.
The stewards reserve the right to extend the safety car period by delaying the restart via an iRacing admin command.

The restart will be single file and the safety car rolling start rules apply.

Any driver who receives a penalty automatically by the iRacing system for any infringements under the safety car or during any safety car restarts must serve the penalty in the manner the iRacing system says to do so.

Drivers are to be aware that they will be unable to serve a drive through, stop-go, or stop and hold penalty received during “green flag” running whilst under the safety car. Any attempt to do so will not “clear” the penalty in the iRacing system.

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